Chamber Games

Chamber Games


Chamber Games presents improvised theater at its very best. The ensemble’s three actors take you on a journey through the classic genres of theater as well as unmapped territories. Without any use of neither script nor director the narrative is left in the hands of the audience, who will inspire the stories that the actors will bring to life on the spot. A night with Chamber Games is unpredictable, exciting and most importantly it is hilarious.


  • Andreas Buchtrup Andersen (Actor)
  • Lasse Lind (Actor)
  • Michael Hedstrøm (Actor)
  • Forestillingen skrives på stedet af de tre skuespillere med udgangspunkt i publikums input (Playwright)

All play times

  • Thursday 03rd June 7.00pm , Lygten St.
  • Friday 04th June 8.00pm , ZeBU
  • Saturday 05th June 8.00pm , Lygten St.


Øresundsvej 4
2300 København S

Lygten St.
Lygten 2
2400 København NV