A Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

A theater concert about warm beers and cold women Limfjordsteatret


A Bad Liver and a Broken Heart is an intimate theater concert build over Tom Wait’s poetic stories – in Danish, so all depths of the great poet comes alive: In a little smokey place between very few chairs we get a look into a fuzzy 24 hours of innocent dreams, deceitful memories and a story unfolds different from person to person.

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  • Gitta Malling (Director)
  • Lasse Popp (Performer)
  • Bastian Popp (Musician)
  • Kim Fast Jensen (Musician)
  • Lasse Popp (Playwright)
    Lasse Popp, Bastian Popp, Kim Fast Jensen (Composer)


Teater V i Prøvehallen
Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby