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’FUCK ME’ is an explosive and sentimental performance by the critically acclaimed, Argentinian choreograph Marina Otero. Six men dressed in leather and latex tell Otero’s intense story with their bodies. In a wild and passionate setting she explores the darkest areas of life and the marks it leaves on the body. With ‘FUCK ME’ Otero takes back her power and reclaims her story.

The performance switches back and forth between documentary and fiction, dance and performance. It is part of Otero’s lifelong project with creating theatrical pieces about her life. ‘If I don’t speak, who will speak?’, as she says. Presented by CPH STAGE, ILT Festival, TOASTER & REVOLVER.


  • Marina Otero (Director)
  • Marina Otero (Dramaturg)
  • Martín Flores Cárdenas (Dramaturgisk assistent)
  • Adrián Grimozzi (Lighting Designer)
  • Uriel Cistaro (Costume Designer)
  • Julián Rodríguez Rona (Sound Designer)
  • Lucio Bazzalo (Visuals udvikler)
  • Augusto Chiappe (Performer)
  • Cristian Vega (Performer)
  • Fred Raposo (Performer)
  • Juan Francisco Lopez Bubica (Performer)
  • Miguel Valdivieso (Performer)
  • Marina Otero (Performer)

All play times

  • Thursday 01st June 8.00pm
  • Friday 02nd June 8.00pm


Øster Fælled Torv 34
2100 København Ø