A Gentle Creature (Krotkaya)

A depiction of human despair by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Teaterkompagniet TELL to JOY


A Gentle Creature is a confession of a Petersburg pawnbroker whose wife has just killed herself by jumping out of their window, clutching in her arms an icon of the Mother of God. It is a husband’s profound monologue delivered beside his lover’s corpse, a deep and touching story about human loneliness, about lack of empathy and our destructive tendencies, and an ever-actual classic about relating ourselves to the world and to our fellow human beings.

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  • Slava Kokorin (Director)
  • Zoya Zadorozhnaya (Assistant Director)
  • Sasha Lystrup Andersen (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Keld Taarup (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Viktor Melnikov (Actor)
  • Adam Ørvad (Musician)
  • Fjodor Dostojevskij (Playwright)
    Johann Sebastian Bach (Composer)


Kapellet Assistens Kirkegård
Kapelvej 4
2200 København N