After The Time

A tragic comedy about holding on to sanity but only just Teater Grob


He has been asked to donate his kidney to a guy named Carsten. He doesn’t really want to, but he can only say no in Chinese.
She struggles with the language. It has started to dissolve, like her life. And the only thing that could help is a human dog. She’s sure of that.
He loves to party. At least he says that to himself. Also, when he discovers that he is the only human being at the party.
However, it all starts with her realizing that one of the world’s biggest problems is actually herself. But what to do?

After The Time is a subtle play of people doing what they can in a world where the sky crumbles and nothing is as it seems anymore.


  • Kirstine K. Høgsbro (Director)
  • Maja Ravn (Scenographer)
  • Sonja Lea (Lighting Designer)
  • Weronika Andersen (Sound Designer)
  • Josephine Park (Actor)
  • Ole Boisen (Actor)
  • Tina Gylling Mortensen (Actor)
  • Paw Henriksen (Actor)
  • Kirstine K. Høgsbro (Playwright)


Teater Grob
Nørrebrogade 37
2200 København N