Alice in Wonderland – for adults

A trip on acid in Wonderland Asterions Hus


More quirky, dangerous, twisted and transformative. Join Alice on an acid trip to Wonderland at the bottom of the blackest rabbit hole. Nothing is as it seems in the country on the other side.

Forget all about Disney’s fair-haired Alice with doe eyes and a sky-blue dress: In Alice in Wonderland – For Adults, Teater Asterions Hus shows its version of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic in all its peculiar, monstrous and unheimlich nature. In a cabinet of fantastic creatures, transformations take place before the eyes of the audience when the costumes are transformed and come to life together with dancer and performer Tilde Knudsen to music by Klaus Risager.


  • Peter Kirk (Director)
  • Susan Marshall (Designer)
  • Tilde Knudsen (Dancer)
  • Af og med Tilde Knudsen (Playwright)
    Klaus Risager (Composer)

All play times

  • Thursday 03rd June 5.00pm


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K