An Anima Exposé

Festival of independent Performing Arts Tantra Clap


Performance artist Yaa Lioness embodies & explores primordial vitality. She examines existential taboos and moves participants through the labyrinth of sensuous sensations.

You are in a tactile and integral atmosphere where you are supporting ANIMA transforming the embedded futuristic idea: “How would it be growing into new dimensions”?

It is an Interdisciplinary Performance Ritual where the audience gets in contact with ANIMA. Executing the ongoing procedure of healing, ANIMA juxtaposes the body to express pure spiritual impulse detached from linear constitution.

The company Tantra Clap facilitates spaces where themes like sexuality, separation and savage are expressed in rituals.

This event is in english

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  • HVAD Rawclaw - Ourania (Sound Designer)
  • John PG Jonsson (Billedkunstner)
  • Brian Ulbrichsen (Billedkunstner)
  • Yaa Lioness (Billedkunstner)
  • Yaa Lioness (Performer)
  • My Djørup (Performer)


Bohrsgade 19
1799 København