An Eve An And Adam

Granhøj Dans


A performance that literally puts the real nudity on stage – as contrast to the virtual!

Currently, we see in society that young people are emerging naked on social media. Apparently there is no modesty when it comes to the naked body.
But in real life it’s the opposite. Men and women grow their body in fitness centers but they are too scared to go naked into the shower afterwards.
We need to reconsider our relationship with the natural nudity of the body and discuss our forms of production of the body’s nudity in the social media.

A dramaturgical intervention:
The audience first sees a scene with the dancers dressed in clothes and afterwards the same scene – now quite naked.

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  • Palle Granhøj (Choreographer)
  • Sofia Pintzou (Dancer)
  • Mikolaj Karczewski (Dancer)
  • Rachmaninoff, Maria Eshpai (Composer)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K