Anonymous sexists

Team Teatret


The internet and social media in general have opened up new ways of communicatíon.
Sexism is in the best af health in virtual space, and here it is easy to give vent to your position and your spite without having to reveal, who you are.
Anonymous sexists is at modern grotesque-satirical comedy, which takes its
start from a talk group for exactly some of those, who are behind the sexist assaults.
Through laughter, it is the goal of the performance to arouse the audience’s reflections on the absurd modern free form of communication and to give an insight into life behind the screen.

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  • Maria Walbom Vinterberg (Director)
  • Thomas Ravnsgård (Scenographer)
  • Søren Lydersen (Lighting Designer)
  • Morten Birk (Sound Designer)
  • Dorthe Skøtt Bébe (Dramaturg)
  • Sofie Ancher Vea (Actor)
  • Anders Cornelius Zoffmann (Actor)
  • Kristoffer Helmuth (Actor)
  • Mikael Helmuth (Actor)
  • Thomas Ravnsgård (Scenemester)
  • Morten Birk (Production Lead)
  • Søren Lydersen (Lighting Technician)
  • Dan Brantlov (Technician)
  • Daniel Dinesen (Technician)
  • Leila Steenberg (Costume Designer)
  • Simone Isabel Nørgaard (Playwright)


Teatret ved Sorte Hest
Vesterbrogade 150
1620 København V