Before We Disappear

Out of Balanz


Teater V


It’s 100 seconds til midnight.

In 2020 the Doomsday Clock – a potent symbol of scientific concerns about humanity’s possible annihilation – was set the closest it’s ever been to midnight. How do we contemplate the future at such a moment? What are the choices we inherit and how do the choices we make impact generations to come?

Before We Disappear is a new tragicomic performance emerging out of the current climate crisis to investigate the destructive and transformational force in human kind, while taking us on a journey from despair to hope. The piece combines the aggressive athleticism of physical theatre and new circus with emotional performances and comedy.

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  • Katrina Bugaj (Director)
  • Allan Frausing (Scenographer)
  • Flora Brandt (Lighting Designer)
  • Jakob Bentsen (Consultant)
  • Lars Mikkelsen (Other)
  • Troels Hagen Findsen (Contributer)
  • Sunniva Byvard (Contributer)
  • Sean Smyth (Contributer)
  • Troels Hagen Findsen og Katrina Bugaj (Playwright)
    Rumpistol aka Jens B. Christiansen (Composer)

All play times

  • Thursday 03rd June 4.00pm
  • Friday 04th June 4.00pm
  • Saturday 05th June 4.00pm


AFUK Remisen, København
Enghavevej 82
2450 København SV