Black Madonna



Why: WHITE NIGGER/BLACK MADONNA brings together two of Danish theatre’s enfants terribles in the construction of this highly controversial interpretation of the race war. Multiple award-winning director Christian Lollike and similarly accoladed dramatist and performer Madame Nielsen are responsible for the show. The combination of the two and their political agenda will surely cause a riot. As we go to press we don’t know what to expect, but word has it that it’s the tale of a white woman (the traitress?) who refuses to be white and turns into a black Madonna, who goes to war to fight for the black cause. The ingredients are all there for a superb theatrical experience and a play that will seriously goad the contemporary discourse.


’God is white, but God is dead. The future is BLACK.’

The white woman lives her white life. (It is safe, it is good, it is boring). The white woman no longer wants to be white. (White is death. Black is life). The white woman transforms into Beyoncé and begins to sing. It works! She transforms into Martin Luther King and speaks to the world. It grows! She becomes the Black Madonna, a saint, a prostitute, a priest, a warrior. (Wow!) She cries ”black lives matter” and fight alongside her black sisters. (Traitor!) The war of the races breaks out. In your city. Now!


  • Christian Lollike (Director)
  • Christian Lollike (Idea)
  • Madame Nielsen (Idea)
  • Ida Marie Ellekilde (Scenographer)
  • Ida Marie Ellekilde (Costume Designer)
  • Turkman Souljah (Other)
  • Mads Emil Nielsen (Sound Designer)
  • Morten Kolbak (Lighting Designer)
  • Madame Nielsen (Performer)
  • Madame Nielsen (Playwright)
    Madame Nielsen (Composer)


Staldgade 26-30
1699 København V