Bornholms Teater


A perplex anthropologist set out to investigate who the real Bornholmians are – those eccentric people hiding out on an isolated island in the Baltic Sea. How was the island of Bornholm created? Who were the first Bornholmians? And where does their distinctive language come from?

In an interactive theater ‘lecture’, we go in search of the Bornholmians and try to find out the essence of what it means to be a true Bornholmer. Is it about being able to count several generations back in the family tree, or is it enough to refer to the rest of Denmark as ‘those from the other side’? Look forward to a vivid and humorous experience about identity, immigration and belonging!

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  • Jens Svane Boutrup (Director)
  • Tine Mette Jespersen (Scenographer)
  • Michael Brøndum (Scenemester)
  • Morten Hauch-Fausbøll (Actor)
  • Jens Svane Boutrup (Playwright)


Allégade 7
2000 Frederiksberg C