Center for Success



At the Center for Success the audience is invited to contribute to the scientists’ research on success. They are transformed into test subjects and will visit the waiting room, the lecture hall and engage in group therapy and clinical tests.

The performance is about mental health, self-esteem and happiness. However the final content of the performance depends on the audience. HØRT’s work is interactive and activist. They create malleable works that reflect the contemporary and, with a combination of humor and depth, seduces and engages its audience

NB:The test subjects’ gender, marital status, annual income and medical history are subordinate
Red juice is served during the performance

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  • Nadja Kaspersen (Performer)
  • Julie Thalund (Performer)
  • HØRT (Playwright)
    HØRT (Composer)

All play times

  • Tuesday 02nd June 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 03rd June 5.00pm


Mimersgade v 60
2200 København N