Corpo Surreal

Sew Flunk Fury Wit


Teater Katapult


An exceptional team of international artists present CORPO SURREAL – a surreal musicdramatic dreamworld of enigmatic adult neo-puppetry, expressive dance, alluring operavocal and ambient electronica. CORPO SURREAL is poetry and reality merged in an edgy, surreal dreamuniverse, populated by unique surreal creatures. We enter the nightchamber of a bulesque queen-bee. Here puppet-characters are unveiled and brought to life from their dreamlife cocoons. The performance is a tribue and celebrates the daring attempt of a maybe utopic liberation, through decay, fragmentation and renewal. The show is edgy, enigmatic and flirting with a deep longing reflected in most humans – the dream of freedom.

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  • Jesper Pedersen (Director)
  • Johan Kjølkær (Scenographer)
  • Neill Cardinal Furio (Librettist)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Concept)
  • Jesper Pedersen (Concept)
  • Toshino Kajiwara (Sound Designer)
  • Junko Hanamits (Producer)
  • Signý Leifsdóttir (Producer)
  • Krisitne Kohlmetz (Producer)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Dukkemager)
  • Isabella Leifsdóttir (Vocal)
  • Yoko Higashino (Dancer)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Puppeteer)
  • Sew Flunk Fury Wit (Playwright)
    Murcof Fernando Corona (Composer)


Nørregade 39
1165 København K