Corpus Episodes: Mother #4


Selected as one of the highlights at CPH STAGE 2020. Read more.


The episode takes place at the National Gallery of Denmark, where the visitors will define and be a part of the creation of Corpus Episodes: Mother #4.The visitors will affect and shape the performance right from the beginning of the rehearsals to the end of the last performance. Further, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark we offer the audience a unique experience – a live, unfiltered artwork in process.

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  • Karen Grønborg (Producer)
  • Alexander Stæger (Dancer)
  • Alma Toaspern (Dancer)
  • Hazuki Kojima (Dancer)
  • Louella May Hogan (Dancer)
  • Marco Høst (Dancer)
  • Tim Matiakis (Other)
  • Marie Haugsted Mors (Other)
  • Kasper Riisberg (Lighting Technician)
  • Kasper Riisberg (Scenetekniker)
  • Jonas Jensen (Tonemester)


Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
1307 København K