Our Struggle. Her Story BaggårdTeatret


It is 2022 and the following news is all over the media:
“Hundreds of Danes have taken the day off work to head for the German border. Many have shovels and spades; others are arriving with their bare hands.”
They have come to dig out the Danish-German border. They want to detach Denmark from continental Europe by turning the Danish mainland into an island.

Dana, a young politician quits her political party. In her valedictory speech she exhorts people to abstain at the next election. Her exhortation gains her hundreds of fans. The #whiteflag movement spreads to other countries but Dana begins to have her doubts.

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  • Petra-Leonie Pichler (Director)
  • Jakob Bjerregaard Engmann (Idea)
  • Mai-Britt Schultz (Idea)
  • Mai-Britt Schultz (Scenographer)
  • Anneline Köhler Juul (Dramaturg)
  • Kim Littau (Lighting Designer)
  • Thomas Dam Jensen (Produktionleder & Scenemester)
  • Maria Bak-Hansen (Performance Lead)
  • Nanna Schannong (Technician)
  • Josephine Nørring (Actor)
  • Thomas Dam Jensen (Production Lead)
  • Mona Wickstrøm (Costume Designer)
  • Kim Littau (Technician)
  • Petra-Leonie Pichler og Danijel Szeredy (Playwright)


Nørregade 39
1165 København K