Desert Island

Showcase from Ophelia Acting Studio Skuespillerskolen ophelia


“Congratulations! You have been selected out of a total of 4682 young criminals to participate in Desert Island!

Which one of you will leave pardoned and with a clean criminal record?”

This is the question the showhost asks 8 young criminals upon arrival on a deserted island in Kattegat.

The next few weeks they will fight for a new life and a clean record outside the prison walls. The losers will be sent back behind bars.

Who will succeed in winning hearts and sympathy of the viewers?

Who is the biggest villain?

And how far can you go when using criminals as entertainment?

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  • Henning Sprogøe (Director)
  • Andreas Sylvan (Actor)
  • Anne Giver Pedersen (Actor)
  • Jens Bernstorff Vejsnæs (Actor)
  • Joachim Loman Frøhlich (Actor)
  • Mathias Hjørnholt (Actor)
  • Mynte Vesti (Actor)
  • Rasmus Rehardt (Actor)
  • Sanne Sol (Actor)
  • Simon Kaarfast (Actor)
  • Simone Vinzents (Actor)
  • Tanja Fleth Bønke (Actor)
  • Christine Wolff Ørnsbo (Playwright)


Teatret Zeppelin
Valdemarsgade 15
1665 København V