Theatre Studio Teaterøen

The performance is a part of Teaterøens TEATER TAPAS.

Experience 4 out of 7 30 minutes performances in in a relaxed environment on the many scenes of the Theater. Total price 150 kr.

You choose the 4 performances you would like to see on the day when you arrive at the Theater Café. It is possible to buy tapas for 150 kr.


DuarderPassion is a theater studio – an improvisational playground, but the audience are invited to watch. Impro but built on top of a dramatic skeleton; So depending on the eyes that look, one will experience a show, a form studio or a crossover. The contributors are adults, 65-85 years old with a long theater experience.
In CPH Stage, you will be able to see DuarderPassion in both a VOL. 1 and / or a VOL 2.


  • Elisabeth Davidsen (Dramaturg)
  • Lise Gjellerup Koch (Contributer)
  • Jarl Forsman (Contributer)
  • Preben Ravn (Contributer)
  • Ingrid Dal (Contributer)
  • Bente Puggaard- Müller (Contributer)
  • Jan Maxmiling (Contributer)
  • Improviseret (Playwright)


William Wains Gade 11
1432 København K