Sew Flunk Fury Wit


Five fascinating human-size puppets, a luminescent opera soprano and a shadowy figure tell the tale of a world gone horribly wrong. A dramatically rendered, contemporary song-cycle imagines what little is left after unavoidable global catastrophes have stuck, in a sensual and moving puppet-dystopia.
This strangely atmospheric and saturated environmental-catastrophe song-cycle doesn’t look or sound like anything else in the contemoporary repetoire of Danish music theatre.
The puppets are exceptional life-sized silicone artpieces with realistic skin and faces. They are the result of many years of exclusive development to bring the world of puppetry into the minds of a modern adult audiences

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  • Jesper Pedersen (Director)
  • Lise Klitten (Costume Designer)
  • Neill Cardinal (Other)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Idea)
  • Mikkel Jensen (Lighting Designer)
  • Line Bech (Costume Designer)
  • Kristian Knudsen (Scenographer)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Dukkemager)
  • Svend E. Kristensen (Puppeteer)
  • Nina Sveistrup Clausen (Vocal)
  • Svend E Kristensen, Jesper Pedersen, Neill Cardinal Furio (Playwright)
    Peter Kohlmetz Møller (Composer)


Nørregade 39
1165 København K