Egon the Cycling Mosquito meets Thumbelina

Østre Gasværk Teater


Egon the Cycling Mosquito heads out for great adventures with colourful international artists and bubbling creatures: Dung beetles, ant princesses, blue bottle flies, cockroaches – and the best of them all is H.C. Andersen’s Thumbelina!

Creator of Egon the Cycling Mosquito, Flemming Quist Møller is the narrator in a fascinating story that combines traditional Danish storytelling with electric boogie, capoeira, contemporary circus and insane moves! The beloved mosquito charms with a contagious drive, catchy tunes and insect magic.

Now Egon is ready to charm the rest of the world. The equilibristic David Schnabel, 8 times World Champion in artistic cycling, is Egon the Cycling Mosquito.

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  • Steen Koerner (Director)
  • Astrid Lynge Ottosen (Scenographer)
  • Brian Njie (Lighting Designer)
  • Anders Stadelund (Sound Designer)
  • David Schnabel (Artist)
  • Flemming Quist Møller (Fortæller)
  • Nadia Dahl (Dancer)
  • Chenying Lu (Artist)
  • Michiel van Leeuwen (Artist)
  • Anders Skat Henningsen (Artist)
  • Malthe Ørsted Buch-Hansen (Dancer)
  • Oliver Gbabre Zohore Bergsted (Dancer)
  • Nicky Andersen (Dancer)
  • Ibrahim Ukash Flensborg Madsen (Dancer)
  • Emily Grønbech (Statist)
  • Oliver Krusbæk Nielsen (Statist)
  • Malik With (Statist)
  • Julie Skovgaard (Statist)
  • Flemming Quist Møller, Clemens og Steen Koerner (Playwright)
    Jesper Mechlenburg (Composer)


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Østre Gasværk Teater
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