a hike in the night with a stray soul Det Olske Orkester


We leave at sunset. Into the twilight to find a man in a secret place, where mere mortals normally dont enter.

Here we meet the story about the boy, who grows up in a lonely home with a mentally ill farther. To survive teh boy develops the ability to isolate the soul from the body. One day he sets his soul on fire and flees from his childhood-homeland – with no looking back.

He consumes alcohol and people in large quantities – sells everything from fake branded products in Jutland to ficticious windmills in Sydney – without finding a firm foodhold in life. One day he meets a woman in Heathrow airport and feels love for the first time. His soul awakens and begins to search for him.

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  • Lotte Faarup (Director)
  • Mogens Kjemf (Lighting Designer)
  • Jonas Jørgensen (Sound Designer)
  • Øyvind Kirchhoff (Actor)
  • Bo Stendell Larsen (Actor)
  • Jens Bäckvall (Performer)
  • Christian Rossil (Performer)
  • Jakob Schlanbusch (Performer)
  • Nils Engelbrecht (Production Lead)
  • Peter Kapabel (Performance Lead)
  • Lotte Faarup (Playwright)


Flintholm Station v. Grøndals Parkvej
Flintholm Alle 55
2000 Frederiksberg