Kristjan Ingimarsson Company


If you like Lynch, Fellini and Roy Anderson – this is for you.

ROOM 4.1. LIVE is a total theatre experience happening on a film set. The director (Kristján Ingimarsson) is working on a web series about Vincent, who wants to escape from reality. He hides from his girlfriend in a hospital-room for one person. A small pain in his finger gradually escalates to major issues.

During the filming strange things start to happen. It is as if fragments from the director’s imagination manifest in the space. Maybe we, the audiences, have entered the head of the director. In a big hall with a 360-degree rotating studio, weird and unexplainable things and creatures are starting to pop up close to you.

This event is in english

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  • Kristian Knudsen (Konstruktør)
  • Charlotte Calberg (Costume Designer)
  • Kristján Ingimarsson (Director)
  • Karl Sørensen (Lighting Designer)
  • Lasse Munk (Sound Designer)
  • Kristian Knudsen (Scenographer)
  • Charlotte Calberg (Scenographer)
  • Kristjan Ingimarsson (Scenographer)
  • Charlotte Calberg (Rekvisittør)
  • Peter Rasmussen (Production Lead)
  • Arna Lára Pétursdóttir (Producer)
  • Mikkel Larsen (Lydtekniker)
  • Mikkel Larsen (Lydtekniker)
  • Noora Hannula (Performer)
  • Kajsa Bohlin (Performer)
  • Serafín Ziqver Xavier (Performer)
  • Søren Møller (Performer)
  • Kristján Ingimarsson (Performer)
  • Rakel Björk Björnsdóttir (Performer)
  • Ida Frost (Performer)
  • Kasper Buus (Performer)
  • Kristján Ingimarsson (Playwright)

All play times

  • Tuesday 06th June 8.00pm
  • Wednesday 07th June 8.00pm
  • Thursday 08th June 8.00pm
  • Friday 09th June 8.00pm


AFUK Scene
Enghavevej 82
2450 København SV