Schmidt and Liebmann sing about their family trip to Sicily and their meeting with nine Nigerians who have come to Europe to live a better life. Verse by verse the ballad EXODUS asks who the ” new Europeans” are, who they can be, and in what kind of Europe they will live in.

Exodus is a performance concert by and with family Liebmann-Schmidt. Their tale of the new Europeans deals with concrete encounters, and stories and songs, yet composes these elements to reach far beyond documentary. Inspired by medieval tradition, the tale is sung on the melody of the Danish ballad Kongebørnene, and refers to a valley on the other side of the mountains.

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  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Concept)
  • Andreas Liebmann (Concept)
  • Manuel Gerst (Scenographer)
  • Matthias Meppelink (Sound Designer)
  • Tanja Diers (Dramaturg)
  • Annegret Schalke (Lighting Designer)
  • Tiaheswery Thiaharaja (Choreographer)
  • Johanna Peine (Consultant)
  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Performer)
  • Andreas Liebmann (Performer)
  • Manuel Gerst (Costume Designer)
  • Annett Hardegen (Production Lead)
  • Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Andreas Liebmann (Playwright)
    Matthias Meppelink (Composer)


Sort Hvid i Kødbyen
Staldgade 38
1699 København V