Feels Good in the Stomach

A musical performance about the man who introduced the Chinese spring roll to the Danes! Nydanskeren Jimbuts Kulturforening


It is a A Danish- Chinese collaboration project and a docu drama performance including new musical compositions and newly written text about Sai-Chiu Van, also known in Denmark as ” The Daloon Man”, who integrated the Chinese springrolls in Danish society.

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  • Nils P. Munk (Director)
  • Sir Grand Lear (Scenographer)
  • Anna Rosa Hiort Lorenzen (Costume Designer)
  • Tine Byrdal Jørgensen (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Jette Lund (Dramaturg)
  • Rosa Sand Michelsen (Actor)
  • Peter Flyvholm (Actor)
  • Wei Xu (Actor)
  • Brian Larsen (Musician)
  • Xiaoming Ma (Musician)
  • Nils Engelbrecht (Production Lead)
  • Ilkka Häikiö (Belysningsmester)
  • Jun Jimbut Feng og Gritt Uldall-Jessen (Playwright)
    Brian Larsen (Composer)


Københavns Musikteater
Emblasgade 175
2100 København Ø