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Husets Teater


More than 1.3 million refugees arrived in Europe in 2015. One of them was Vahid. An Iranian writer who traveled through the Balkan route to Denmark, where he sought asylum. And then he disappeared.

Vahid is one of the asylum seekers who have disappeared during the asylum process or after receiving asylum in Denmark. What happens to those who disappear? Is it a problem that we can’t find them? And who is Vahid really?

The scene is empty. We are left with Vahid’s voice and the voices of those he met on his journey and those trying to find him. They tell a story about how the Danes look at the refugees and how the refugees look at the Danes.


  • Kristian Husted (Director)
  • Kristian Husted (Idea)
  • Asger Kudahl (Sound Designer)
  • Mathilde Hüttel (Lighting Designer)
  • Pernille Kragh (Dramaturg)
  • Kristian Husted (Contributer)
  • Usman Aleksejevitj (Contributer)
  • Almindelige danskere og grønlændere (Contributer)
  • Danske og grønlandske myndigheder (Contributer)
  • Politikere m. fl. (Contributer)
  • Stemmer: Marina Bouras (Contributer)
  • Morten Burian (Contributer)
  • Peter Flyvholm (Contributer)
  • Morten Hauch-Fausbøll (Contributer)
  • Kristian Halken (Contributer)
  • Laura Allen Müller (Contributer)
  • Kimmernaq Kjeldsen (Contributer)
  • Miké Thomsen (Contributer)
  • Kristian Husted (Playwright)
    Asger Kudahl (Composer)


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V