Flagrant Délire

Striving towards the sky Compagnie Yann Lheureux


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FLAGRANT DÉLiRE is a dialogue between the person and the space he finds himself in. We see a scenography in plexiglass and steel – mostly resembling scaffolding. On this scaffolding, a parkour man moves – an acrobat of the urban space.

The scaffolding not only gives the performer the opportunity to show his amazing movements and agility, but also lays bare the danger he exposes himself to. The performer repeats his movements, adding a little more each time, reaching perfection. Vivaldi’s powerful music from The Four Seasons follows him and lends him support.
Like Ikaros, our parkour equilibrist attempts to defy gravity, ever striving for the highest and yet being pulled down to earth.


  • Tony Thich (Dancer)


Blågårds Plads
Blågårds Plads 1 1
2200 København N

På Bjerget v. Grundtvigs Kirken
På Bjerget 14
2400 København NV

Brønshøj Torv
Krabbesholmvej 1
2700 Brønshøj