Skuespillerskolen ophelia


A truckstop near an European border. The GET IN cafeteria are ready to serve it’s guests: a Latvian truck driver, a Belgian couple on vacation, a mother and her two girls in search of forgotten European cultures, a male armed guard.

A Syrian woman appears in the cafeteria. And in the car park outside more refugees are gathering. The doors are locked and what was only supposed to be a quick pitstop turns into a drama of who is in and who is out.

Julie Maj Jacobsen’s strong poetic drama is brought to life by Ophelia Acting Studio’s talented graduations class. Watch nine new actors taking off in this highly relevant drama.

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  • Mia Lipschitz (Director)
  • Peter Rasmussen (Lighting Designer)
  • Peter Rasmussen (Scenographer)
  • Cecilie Josefine Bangsgaard Glæsel (Actor)
  • Jacob Skyggebjerg (Actor)
  • Jesper Møller (Actor)
  • Kirstine Vibeke Sjølin Scharfs (Actor)
  • Lise Pleidrup (Actor)
  • Malene Norreen (Actor)
  • Marco Grimnitz (Actor)
  • Martin Dupont (Actor)
  • Mette Omann Hansen (Actor)
  • Carsten Kressner (Produktionschef)
  • Julie Maj Jacobsen (Playwright)


Teatret Zeppelin
Valdemarsgade 15
1665 København V