Good vs. Evil

Aalborg Teater

Selected as one of the highlights at CPH STAGE 2020. Read more.


Tue Biering and Aalborg Teaters critically acclaimed success, hits CphStage and Teater V four times! Don’t miss out, book your ticket now!

We want happy endings. We want good to vanquish evil, as usual. That’s how we know good from evil. But the world has become more complex than that. Everything must be viewed from several angels and many a hero has fallen from on high! Morgan Freeman is not always the good guy, there is no innocent dancing to a Michael Jackson song, and Ronaldo is committing tax evasion. And what’s this? Is Trump and Brexit good news after all?

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  • Tue Biering (Director)
  • Nicolai Spangaa (Scenographer)
  • Jacob Moth-Poulsen (Actor)
  • Marie Knudsen Fogh (Actor)
  • Ena Spottag (Actor)
  • Tue Biering (Playwright)


Teater V i Prøvehallen
Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby