Glad Teater


In a world of financial crisis and discouragement, we need heroes! Heroes of Love, Wellness, Revolution – 11 everyday heroes has set themselves the task of making the world a better place, but they need YOUR help.

Glad Teater has created this unique Hero-boot camp where audiences participate in an intense, interactive theatre process. You are involved in an inspiring staged process consisting of motion pictures, music and annual Hero training. The line between audience and actors disappears as everyone’s an active part and makes the performance their own. Hero-boot camp is led by a group of heroes played by actors with disabilities from Glad Teater.

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  • Jesper Michelsen (Director)
  • Lars Werner Thomsen (Director)
  • Anna Sophie Lübeck (Actor)
  • Anna Ersbøll (Actor)
  • Carole Cuisine (Actor)
  • Kristine Olsen (Actor)
  • Janick Pihl Nielsen (Actor)
  • Julie Andersen (Actor)
  • Mai Vorreiter Jepsen (Actor)
  • Marie Lisbjerg Jensen (Actor)
  • Rune von Würden (Actor)
  • Siri Friis Vikesaa (Actor)
  • Anne Reumert (Actor)
  • Michele Hagelund Rasmussen (Actor)
  • Mai Steenberg (Costume Designer)


Edisonsvej 10
1856 Frederiksberg C