Hidden Number – Special Edition

Cantabile 2


Hidden Number – Special Edition
You can hear the familiar notification sound of your mobile phone. It is from a hidden number but the message is clear: You and your companions are about to embark on a trip to secret sites and spots in the city.
The places you visit, the people you meet, and the experiences you may have during the trip, are all closely linked to how much you invest in each other as individuals and as a group. The four of you are the special guests invited into each other’s lives, together rediscovering the city. You become both, existential detectives and urban explorers.
Hidden Number was awarded Reumert Award for Best Performance of 2018.
Supported by Tuborgfondet

This event is in english

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  • Nullo Facchini (Director)
  • Paola Serafini (Scenographer)
  • Luì Angelini (Scenograf assistent)
  • Siri Facchini Haff (Performer)
  • Karolina Pietrzykowska (Performer)
  • Angela Østergaard (Performer)
  • Sandra Yi Sencindiver (Performer)
  • Koncept: Cantabile 2 (Playwright)


Carlsberg Museum
Valby Langgade 1
2500 Valby