It Only Hurts Once

Teater Boudoir


What happens when no one ever tells you that you are good enough? That you are capable? If no one ever lets you know that you are loved?

“It Only Hurts Once” is the true story about Diana – a young girl who develops her identity in the crossfire between violence, mental illness, prostitution and apathy. No one ever tells her that she is good enough, and the loneliness devours her faith in life. But she is strong. Raw inner strength and discouragement are fighting side by side to decide her fate. This touching, visual drama is based on the authentic novel written by Peter Krogholm and Diana Hansen, and is now staged by Peter Mygind and Teater Boudoir.

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  • Peter Mygind (Director)
  • Stine Lykke Winther (Actor)
  • Tine Agertoft (Actor)
  • Julius Mygind (Actor)
  • Martin Geertz (Actor)
  • Marie Grove Jørgensen (Musician)
  • Originaltekst af Peter Krogholm og Diana Hansen. Bearbejdet af Teater Boudoir og dramaturg Nanna Graugård Jessen. (Playwright)


Østerfælled Torv 37
2100 København Ø