Life In The Universe

- a gathering for animals, people and minerals hello!earth

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The live art and performance group hello!earth invites you to a social gathering, a sensory nature experience, an audio-walk, an excursion, a party.
Based on the newest biological science Life in the Universe challenges our understanding of the artificial and natural, culture, and civilization. Come along for a sensory and poetic exploration of our opportunities to organise ourselves as society and commune. In nature, with nature, as nature.
Produced with support from The Danish Committee for Performing Arts Project, the international residency programme of the Danish Arts Foundation and Kedja’s Dance in Wilderness residency programme 2013/2014.
NB: Pleace bring practical shoes and clothes

This event is in english

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  • Jacob Langaa Sennek (Scenographer)
  • Vera Meader (Choreographer)
  • Ariana Jordao (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Gustavo Ciríaco (Choreographer)
  • Riikka Theresa Innanen (Choreographer)
  • Daniel Nordback (Performer)
  • Jacob Langaa-Sennek (Performer)
  • Vera Maeder (Performer)
  • Pelle Skovmand (Composer)


Dansehallerne – sitespecifik – mødested v. billetkontor
Pasteursvej 20
1778 København V