Like Brothers

Det Kongelige Teater


Like Brothers

Mum, babba, big brother, and little brother – a happy family of four – move to the suburbs and invite their new neighbors over for some homemade rice and a good time.

On the surface the family life exudes warmth and happiness, but behind the closed blinds it is a different world. In this world, babba is king and demands ultimate control. When the king is unhappy with his sons he repeatedly reminds them that their births were mistakes. Over time, the brothers drift further and further apart and into different communities which provide them with the love and acknowledgement which they long for.


  • Laura Edlefsen (Performance Lead)
  • Jacob Weitze Mylund (Produktionleder & Scenemester)
  • Jim Falk (Lighting Designer)
  • Alexander Mayah Larsen (Idea)
  • Morten Burian (Consultant)
  • Anna Malzer (Consultant)
  • Arto Louis Eriksen (Actor)
  • Kasper Dalsgaard (Actor)
  • Alexander Mayah Larsen (Actor)
  • Inger Eilersen (Consultant)


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