Lucid Projections

Festival of Independent Performing Arts Jakob Oredsson Projects


Lucid Projections is an installation which through the medium of light generates temporary situations in public locations after sunset. For the festival the installation activates Enghaveparken in Vesterbro with 4 different installations on 4 nights.

The installation consists of varying formations of light which encourage exploration of the parks spaces and activation of the everchanging narratives of subtle shadows and gradients generated through the movement of the audience.

Lucid Projections is a laboratory investigating the situation generating qualities of light and its capacities for activating social spaces.

Created by: artist Jakob Oredsson, in collaboration with curator Karen Dan

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  • Jakob Oredsson (Billedkunstner)
  • Karen Danielsen (Other)
  • Publikum (Contributer)
  • Karen Danielsen (Performance Lead)


Enghavevej ..
1761 København V