M.I.S. – All Night Long



DON GNU’s last show of the trilogy, which deals with the modern man’s identity.

A show that starts where western movies finish, with the lonely man riding into the night. An an attempt to turn on the light, where the sun has gone down.

What happens when night falls, the film is long over and the credits leave a black screen behind?

DONGNU is back in wool socks and sandals, along with a 105 kg Lithuanian HAMMER THROWER and one combative Korean to understand the man’s back.

Teaterøen is a minifestival under CPH STAGE with 10 productions in 7 days. Teaterøen offers a performing arts landscape in theatrical spaces at Refhaleøen. BUY A DAY PASS FOR: DKK 75 -150


  • Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen (Choreographer)
  • Jannik Elkær (Choreographer)
  • Christoffer Brekne (Dramaturg)
  • DON GNU (Idea)
  • Ville Aunola (Lighting Designer)
  • Alice Carreri (Sound Designer)
  • Rune Kaagaard (Sound Designer)
  • Jannik Elkær (Performer)
  • Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen (Performer)
  • Simon Beyer-Pedersen (Performer)
  • Alice Carreri (Musician)
  • Alice Carreri & Rune Kaagaard (Composer)


William Wains Gade 18
1432 København K