- In dad's footsteps Paolo Nani Teater


“Magical Jekyll” is from the narrative point of view a predecessor to Paolo Nani Teater’s show “Jekyll on Ice”, which has captivated audiences around the world.
The performance deals with Jekyll’s first steps into the world of magic and his evolution towards the adventurous ice cream vendor he has become.
It is about defying both our own limitations and the surrounding world’s expectations. An uplifting tale about using our passion and thereby finding our own way in life.
“Magical Jekyll” and “Jekyll on Ice” can be presented either independent of each other or together, with just a short pause in between. In both cases, the performances always end with an ice cream party for the audience.

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  • Frede Gulbrandsen (Director)
  • Jes Theede (Sound Designer)
  • Mads Hilden (Konstruktør)
  • Tanja Bovin (Costume Designer)
  • Nja Lund Schmidt (Rekvisittør)
  • Gitta Malling (Consultant)
  • Paolo Nani (Actor)
  • Per Aagaard (Technician)
  • Paolo Nani (Playwright)

All play times

  • Wednesday 02nd June 11.00am
  • Thursday 03rd June 11.00am
  • Friday 04th June 11.00am


Allégade 7
2000 Frederiksberg C