A satire about explosively dangerous parents Teatret Svalegangen


Malaga humorously describes a self-worshipping generation of parents who bring children into the world without being able to put their own needs aside. The acclaimed Danish Psychology Professor Svend Brinkmann has called them “child adults”. They rush to yoga, eat supplements of raw food, antidepressants and are into mindfulness in the quest for personal development and happiness. But do we remember to look up from the self-help book, look out, and focus on more than what is important for me me me? Malaga shows the backside of egoism in today’s society. Sit back and enjoy an intense narcissistic and tragicomic drama filled with mistrust, blinders and antidepressants.

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  • Geir Sveaass (Director)
  • Karin Gille (Scenographer)
  • Holger Østergaard (Actor)
  • Camilla Gjelstrup (Actor)
  • Niclas Vessel Kølpin (Actor)
  • Steffen Ilfedt (Produktionschef)
  • Tekst: Lukas Bärfuss, (Playwright)


Smallegade 2
2000 Frederiksberg