Men who think they are right

Welcome to theatre in the dark. To a performance where you don't have to rely on your eyes. Teater Lux


We follow the man, that both in his private relationship, as well as in his common relationship with other people, reacts and acts in the way he feels he is entitled to.
Without any filters or empathy, he lives out his inner desires, and lets nobody – or nothing – stand in the way for his unruly mind, and the world he sees as the right one. But, in reality, a world that is far beyond society norms.
Little white lies, derogatory actions and words, thoughts and dreams of abuse, or cunningly planned scenarios. This is the daily life and mindset of the man in the performance.
Welcome to Men who think they are right… – a performance where you will feel and sense, a performance in total darkness

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  • Martin Ammundsen (Concept)
  • Betina Birkjær (Dramaturgisk konsulent)
  • Martin Ammundsen (Contributer)
  • Victoria Sofie Percy-Smith (Contributer)
  • Eline Juul (Contributer)
  • Maya Korf Jensen (Contributer)
  • Martin Ammundsen (Playwright)


Basement, København
Enghavevej 42
1674 København V