Team Teatret


She wants it all – or at least she thinks she should be able to do it all. Meet the modern woman in Team Theatre’s new and biting comedy, text by Jeanette Munzert.
Our main character, a woman in her 30s is busy. Busy with being a mother, career woman, partner and house manager – and best if it is slightly different from other women. The woman and her husband are slipping apart as parenthood grows, and at the same she has to deal with a mother-in-law who is from another generation – another world.
We follow a “mombie” and her alter ego, together they put words on everything the woman says and does not say, thinks and does not dare think ……

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  • Laura Rasmussen (Scenographer)
  • Anne Zacho Søgaard (Director)
  • Jeppe Sommer (Assistant Director)
  • Søren Lydersen (Lighting Designer)
  • Hanne Windfeld (Actor)
  • Andrea Alma Øst Birkkjær (Actor)
  • Line Vejgaard Kjær (Actor)
  • Stig Reggelsen Skjold (Actor)
  • Dan Brantlov (Scenetekniker)
  • Andreas Carlsen (Production Lead)
  • Søren Lydersen (Lighting Technician)
  • Thomas Ravnsgård (Scenemester)
  • John Nyby (Scenebygger)
  • Malene Redder Ruby (Costume Designer)
  • Sofie Stenholt (Sminkør)
  • Ise Kjems (Performance Lead)
  • Nis Marcussen (Other)
  • Jeanette Munzert (Playwright)
    Turkman Souljah (Composer)


Teater Grob
Nørrebrogade 37
2200 København N