Nature´s Calling

Hardware as existence in human transformation Daily Fiction




The historical cementary Assistens hosts an intimate tinder-date where brain and body meet up. In the prologue we scroll through the park in search for the people who laid the groundwork for the fact that our smartphones exist today. Before swiping into the Chapel for a dance performance unfolding nature in your smartphone, we enjoy site specific soup and chat.
”I had no idea that one could have a relation to aluminium!” – The audience

Through music and movement the performance dives deep into geology, the physical world and our relation to nature.

Walk prologue by storyteller and geographer Christoffer Jørgensen, Kulturcentret ASSISTENS.

Soup and wine included.

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  • Betina Birkjær (Dramaturg)
  • Lise Klitten (Costume Designer)
  • Lise Klitten (Scenografisk konsulent)
  • Martin Danielsen (Lighting Designer)
  • Kitt Johnson (Consultant)
  • Tora Balslev (Performer)
  • Tora Balslev (Playwright)
    Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard (Composer)


Kapellet Assistens Kirkegård
Kapelvej 4
2200 København N