Open Your Heart

and dance like a child again Location X - ved Taneli Törmä




OPEN YOUR HEART is a contemporary disco dance performance, that researches and questioning the chore of dancing. A project research aims to look into, how different situations supports or prevents us in the act of dancing. When have we really danced the last time, have we ever danced, and when do we enjoy doing it? Have you ever thought, why and how it feels to dance that way – like a child?

‘… nice, fun and hearty performance…’
…’… an enormous energy injection… all the audience leaves the performance with the biggest smile on their face…’
Ungt teaterblod
’… Törmä is the Darwin of dance art; thrilled to return to the birth of species …’

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  • Kasper Hansen (Costume Designer)
  • Sophie Bellin Hansen (Syerske)
  • Thomas Schaupp (Dramaturg)
  • Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold (Dancer)
  • Taneli Törmä (Dancer)
  • 10 lokale dansere (Dancer)
  • Søren Lyngsø Knudsen, Esa Mattila (FIN) (Composer)


Kulturhuset Indre By
Charlotte Ammundsens Plads 3
1359 København K