a co-production by GLiMT and Teatret OM GLiMT


Teatret OM


The crane stands on the quayside, solidly planted – the link between land and sea. In the company of the crane and its operator we dream about distant horizons and new adventures. The crane leads us into the heights and down to touch the water, and through aerial acrobatics, slackline dancing, live music and more, the 4 performers give soul and energy to this story about our eternal yearning for new horizons.
GLiMT combines contemporary circus, dance and physical theatre in new, challenging ways. Teatret OM mixes the actors’ physical and vocal work with a strong visual and musical expression.
opHAV is presented by Metropolis – a summer of performance and art in public spaces.


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  • Lars Lindegaard Gregersen (Director)
  • Antonella Diana (Scenographer)
  • Camila Sarrazin (Costume Designer)
  • Sandra Pasini (Consultant)
  • Annemarie Waagepetersen (Consultant)
  • Antonella Diana (Consultant)
  • Päivi Raninen (Performer)
  • Moa Asklöf Prescott (Performer)
  • Linnéa Backgård (Performer)
  • Maja Romm (Musician)
  • Lars Lindegaard Gregersen (Afvikler)
  • Maja Romm (Composer)


Slusens Bådbyggeri
Ved Slusen 34
2300 København S