Performance in low self-esteem

Cheer Extreme


You probably know the feeling. The feeling of not being good enough, pretty enough, not being a good enough friend, daughter, boyfriend, employee. Low self-esteem is like a destructive taboo that controls our lives far too much. Like a damaging monster it distorts our self-image and blurs our sense of reality.

Cheer Extreme and Sort/Hvid want to break away from this. In the self-exposed fuck-up-show OPVISNING I LAVT SELVVÆRD four actors will compete to see who can be the most exposed.

The audience is invited to a public therapy session with the opportunity to see others exposed and do the same themselves. Group therapy to the highest degree with self-destructive drinking.


  • Ida Marie Ellekilde (Scenographer)
  • Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm (Scenographer)
  • Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm (Lighting Designer)
  • Anders Mossling (Actor)
  • Kitt Maiken Mortensen (Actor)
  • Xenia Noetzelmann (Actor)
  • Peter Flyvholm (Actor)
  • Dramatiker, forfatter: Therese Fabricius og Cheer Extreme (Playwright)
    Cheer Extreme (Composer)


Sort Hvid i Kødbyen
Staldgade 38
1699 København V