Post No Bills

Kitt Johnson X-act


Post No Bills is an arte povera performance edging its way into the space where composure is irrevocably lost and the new and unknown barely glimpsed. Where the choice is either death or change. And where you know the latter won’t happen until the fiction of reality is scrapped. Right there, we meet the broken and disillusioned human with empty hands. Sent back to square one and free to re-invent the beginning.

Post No Bills enters into the series of X-act-produced solos, which focus on aspects of the human existence. It pays tribute to crisis as a creative transformer. And sets off from the Existential Psychology stance that crisis must lead to criticism and not merely be suffered.

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  • Kitt Johnson (Choreographer)
  • Mogens Kjempff (Lighting Designer)
  • Sture Ericson (Sound Designer)
  • Kitt Johnson (Dancer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV