Romeo & Juliet 8.0



More than one hundred 8th grade students from Copenhagen schools are ready to show you their new version of ROMEO & JULIET.

They’ve mixed up their own personal experiences with Shakespeare’s classic. ROMEO & JULIET 8.0 is an emotional rollercoaster with a contemporary twist. You won’t be disappointed – it’s gonna knock your socks off!

To watch ROMEO & JULIET 8.0 is a perfect and sizzling way to kick your summer off.
It’s the 8th year in a row that C:NTACT presents ROMEO & JULIET with 8th grade students from schools in Copenhagen. The production is presented with financial support from the city of Copenhagen.

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  • Over 100 8. klasseelever (Actor)
  • Shakespeare (frit efter) (Playwright)


Betty Nansen Teatret
Frederiksberg Allé 57
1820 Frederiksberg C