Matilde Böcher & Jules Fischer


Love, desire, jealousy, divinity and compassion. From the highest notes and the purest timbre to the deepest roar and the innermost longings; Sappho is edgy and surprising, sensuous and witty, archaic and modern.

The poems of Sappho of Lesbos (ca. 630 BCE) have attracted attention for generations with their sensibility and depiction of love between women. In Sappho’s texts, the erotic and the cultic merge in a tribute to nature, love and the divine.

After thousands of years, Sappho’s poems still seem contemporary with their universal themes, which in SAPPHO unfold in a celebration of the feminine and a tribute to queer communities.


  • Jules Fischer (Choreographer)
  • Matilde Böcher (Concept)
  • Jules Fischer (Concept)
  • Tanja Diers Hylling (Dramaturg)
  • Puer Parasitus (Costume Designer)
  • Mette Hammer Juhl (Rekvisittør)
  • Matilde Böcher (Idea)
  • Liv Helm (Idea)
  • Jules Fischer (Scenographer)
  • Andrew Mathews (Konstruktør)
  • Liv Helm (Consultant)
  • Mette Christiansen (Consultant)
  • Duftdesign: Odor&Fumes (Other)
  • Keramik: Tina Marie CPH (Other)
  • prfrm - produktion og formidling af scenekunst (Producer)
  • Administration: Sceneprojekt (Other)
  • Ingeborg Børch (Vocal)
  • Jaleh Negari (Musician)
  • Ani Bigum Kampe (Vocal)
  • Klara Jensen De Lopez (Performer)
  • Kai Merke (Performer)
  • Julienne Doko (Performer)
  • Lisen Pousette (Performer)
  • Camilla Lind (Performer)
  • Baseret på Mette Moestrups gendigtning af Sapfo. Libretto af Matilde Böcher. (Playwright)
    Matilde Böcher (Composer)


Dantes Plads 7
1556 København V