The Life and Death of a Female Fantasy Down the Rabbit Hole


A performance about the life and death of a female fantasy. An intimate, yet unsettling performance featuring a woman’s journey to conceive while dealing with her most dark and feminine sides.

A reality embedded in the toilet that has become a small, private temple in an attempt to create life in the shadow of death. When deep in shit, poetry comes out, and when the stench is so present it becomes a fragrance in her Fantasy Cabaret.

Performed as a part of HIT’s international festival – HIT hits the Stage.

This event is in english

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  • Rotem Nachmany (Idea)
  • Maya Bitan (Director)
  • Maayan Dobkovsky (Medinstruktør)
  • Johnny Tal (Musikalsk arrangør)
  • Paz Psherhofer (Lighting Designer)
  • Idit Herman (Consultant)
  • Shoko (Rekvisittør)
  • Karl Heding (Technician)
  • Igor Halicki (Technician)
  • Meir Bar-Giora (Manager)
  • Rotem Nachmany (Performer)

All play times

  • Thursday 03rd June 6.00pm
  • Friday 04th June 1.00pm
  • Saturday 05th June 3.30pm


Møllegade 7
2200 København N