Sense & A Grey Space

Teater Terminal


A couple in an apartment is expecting a child, a new neighbour has moved in next door. Their life together is falling apart and is being filled up with distrust.

”A grey space”
A couple is in a room in a hospital. At night the woman has given birth to a premature child. They don´t know if the child is able to survive..

Both plays is a part of the ”Terminal-series” by Lars Norén that focuses on people that meet and can not meet in existentially demanding life situations. The texts are about life and death, faith and doubt in a destillated and exact language.


  • Thomas Müller (Director)
  • Julie Riis (Actor)
  • Rolf Hansen (Actor)
  • Carl Martin Noren (Actor)
  • Lars Norén (Playwright)


Røde Rose Kaffebar
Balders Plads 65
2200 København N