Southern Bedfellows

Down the Rabbit Hole


Southern Bedfellows follows two non-binary children as they grow up in the American South, exploring themes such as sexuality, gender, poverty and religion. The play takes us on a journey through their 16-year relationship, where the sparks fly and the characters are challenged on their identity and willingness to be together.

This event is in english

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  • Christoffer Berdal (Director)
  • Jeremy M. Thomas (Producer)
  • Jody Fish (Actor)
  • Annelise Nielsen (Actor)
  • Karl Heding (Lydtekniker)
  • Lakeisha Salto (Performance Lead)
  • Igor Halicki (Lydtekniker)
  • Riley McCarthy (Playwright)

All play times

  • Thursday 27th May 8.00pm
  • Friday 28th May 8.00pm
  • Sunday 30th May 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 01st June 8.00pm
  • Wednesday 02nd June 8.00pm
  • Thursday 03rd June 9.30pm
  • Friday 04th June 9.30pm
  • Saturday 05th June 9.30pm


Mælkevejen 69
1440 København K