Recoil Performance Group


STEREO is a powerful disruption of the senses presented by award winning recoil performance group. A graphic universe in 3D and an intense duet between man and woman, between reality and illusion. With STEREO recoil performance group adds a new dimension to their frontiering video scenographies: Thus, the space around the dancers’ bodies collapses and expands indefinitely; it curls up or slips off the stage tempting the audience to reach out.

recoil performance group hands out 3D glasses and welcomes the audience to a whole new chapter in the performing arts’ use of illusions.

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  • Tina Tarpgaard (Choreographer)
  • Ole Kristensen (Video Designer)
  • Johan Bichel Lindegaard (Video Designer)
  • Andreas Buhl (Lighting Designer)
  • Fanny Barrouquere (Dancer)
  • Jonas Örknér (Dancer)
  • Deborah Vlaeymans (Composer)


Det Kongelige Teater - Operaen
Ekvipagemestervej 10
1438 København K